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Additional Coverage Available

EPLI- Employment Practice Liability Insurance: We offer this coverage, which is an insurance plan that provides employers with protection against claims of discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, or other employment-related issues made by employees, former employees or potential employees.

Need a title here of what these are:

  • EPLI- Employment Practice Liability Insurance
  • Automobile
  • Contractors Pollution
  • Inland Marine
  • Umbrella
  • Commercial Crime Coverage
  • Commercial Bonds


We offer coverage for Commercial Automobile Insurance, which provides financial protection for a business' vehicles and its drivers. Employees involved in on-the-job collisions will receive coverage for medical injuries as well, regardless of fault.


We offer Commercial Umbrella's, which can also be known as excess liability insurance. It provides additional coverage for situations when the costs associated with an accident, lawsuit, or property loss exceed the coverage limits of primary insurance.

Contractors Pollution

We offer coverage for Contractors Pollution, which is an environmental insurance policy that helps protect contractors against pollution conditions caused by covered operations, including work performed by subcontractors. Coverage is also provided for those Emergency Response Costs incurred by the insured resulting from pollution conditions requiring immediate action.

Commercial Bonds

We offer Commercial bonds to fulfill public, legal, and government security requirements against financial risk.

Inland Marine

We can provide Inland Marine insurance to cover the loss to movable or moving property that is a subset of ocean marine insurance. The insurance covers the property while in transit including while crossing an ocean, and utilizing bridges and tunnels as a method of transportation.

Commercial Crime Coverage

We offer a Commercial Crime Coverage Form which covers a business against 18 different types of loss. These are separated into different forms, each briefly described such as the example: Form A covers employee dishonesty concerning money or properties.